Hi, I'm Raj

I'm an entrepreneur studying how Indians can make money online. I operate best in early stage conditions -- idea validation, building MVPs and growth. Bootstrapped Nova Semita, helped students get tech jobs at startups.

My interests are diverse and across scales - I majored in physics and dabble in thinking about technology, economics & society. I spend considerable time learning and interacting with others on the internet, especially on Twitter. I learn in public.

Projects in Progress


Coaching founders and creators to use Twitter to their advantage.

Yuva Fund

A collective supporting and investing in student led ventures in India.

Nova Semita

Training undergrads from Indian colleges for tech roles at startups.

Latest Essays

Google Maps APIs for Multiple Locations


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Prudent Media : Einstein & Relativity (Konkani)Prudent Media : Einstein & Relativity (Konkani)