I am a student of reality seeking to be a better moulder of reality.

The purpose of this page is to document my obsessions and the processes that drive my learning.

Learning is violent and painful.

Learning happens when your existing mental models are amended to factor in new data. The more the conflict between the incoming data and your existing model, the more of an opportunity it is for you to incorporate the change. These radical changes don't come easy -- the pain and violence associated with forging a new model is immense.

My Learning Process

I have discovered that there is a pattern to how I end up learning things.

  • I bump into an interesting narrative around a concept / idea / framework.
  • It simmers in my mind for a fortnight or two.
  • My interest picks up as I notice the concept / idea / framework playing out in my life.
  • This quickly escalates into an obsession -- I try and observe the world through it.
  • This phase lasts about a month. It probably ends when the concept is integrated into my mental models.

At times, I end up spinning out side projects or ventures that take on a life of their own.

For the rest of my obsessions, I file them away hoping to put them to use in the future.


Dec '19

  • Risk Pooling for high risk careers
  • Outsourcing : India's strengths and weaknesses
  • High Agency Individuals and the future of firms.

Nov '19

  • Subscription models for Indian consumers.
  • Consumer Apps : Product & Growth
  • Monetary Economics and foreign exchange markets.