Hello there! 👋🏽

I'm Raj Kunkolienkar and I am out to master being a jack of all. I optimize my experiences around gaining a sharp, unique worldview. I am based out of the lovely city of Panaji in Goa, India.

I co-founded Nova Semita to contribute towards the employability of college students in India. I kickstarted Yuva Fund to help student entrepreneurs learn by failing faster. These days, I spend time coaching founders on using Twitter to their advantage. I also help early stage ventures with customer research, MVPs, iterating product and growth.

On Entrepreneurship

I dabble in entrepreneurship because I find it to be the most effective way of learning about how the world works. However, I must admit that I have learnt as much about myself and the people around me than the world at large. Not only do I get to learn for a living, but I get to add value to people's lives.

Past Life

Previously, I was a student of physics at BITS - Pilani. After stints at HRI & CFP, U Porto, I worked on the intersection of quantum information, holography and cosmology. For a while, I flirted with Game Theory, Data Science, Network Science, Sociophysics and Computational Psychiatry before taking a leap into entreprenurship.


Themes of Inquiry

  • Income Share Agreements
  • No-Code Tools
  • SaaS for creators

    • Communities
    • Teachers
  • Cryptocurrency

    • Narrative of BTC
    • Borderless payments
    • Sovereign Individual
  • Selling to US markets from India

    • No-Code & SaaS Consultancy

Around the web


I am very easy to please, when it comes to different genres of music - across geographies and timelines. These days, I am tuned into Pop, Lo-Fi and Chill Hop in the background. Before Spotify became a thing, I used to loop The Beatles, Chopin, Pink Floyd, Andrew Bird, Jack Johnson, Regina Spektor, Sidney Bechet and Norah Jones. You can check out my listening history from the last decade on my last.fm.


  • 1994 – I was born in Goa, India. I remain the only kid in my family.

  • 2002 – I used to go to cybercafes to surf the Internet with my uncle. Remember the days of chatrooms on Yahoo Messenger?

  • 2003 – My interest in astronomy skyrocketed upon the death of Kalpana Chawla. I also learnt to use computers (MS Office on Windows 98) and obtained my first E-Mail ID.

Tool Stack


Development Stack


  • Computer: MacBook Pro 2017 💻
  • Phone: POCO F1 with Pixel Experience ROM 📱